Its raining cookies in Mumbai, Oh Dough.

While sipping my coffee last month and scrolling through my Instagram timeline, i saw cookies raining all over and what made me click on some of the posts was the cute tin gift boxes.

It was the pictures which made me say ‘Oh Dough

The  newly open cookie cafe is in the heart of South Bombay’s Kala ghoda. After a few cups of coffee it was time to visit this new place. The door opens to a symphony of delicacies for the guest and with all the cookie aroma,  your eyes just goes to those lovely cute tin boxes kept there at that point you meet Mr. Pawan Chawla. In the first meeting his enthusiasm and passion was just amazing.

With all the research in place i was set to try out the Nutella Iced Coffee along with the Red velvet ice cream and yeah, how could i not try the chocolate chip cookie. The cafe is beautifully set up and is petite – each corner is special. The staff is very courteous and happy:), a very rare phenomenon that sets a smile on every customers face

This cookie shop is run by Ritika Chawla, a patisserie graduate from Le Cordon Bleu London, which has cookies flavours for all the taste buds, be it chocolate, oats, orange and Chipzel (made of pretzels and potato chips)

I indulged in the triple chocolate chip cookie (Rs110) and  my friend was very excited to taste it and trust me it was just heaven (Literally). The first bite of the cookie teleports you to the happiest zone you could think off – just close your eyes and enjoy every bit

Triple Chocolate Cookie

While, my friend was enjoying the cookie, for myself- being a compulsive coffee lover-  my eyes were on the Nutella Iced Coffee. The iced coffee was very refreshing and yeah all you Nutella lovers out there – this is a must try this most amazing iced coffee. Though the coffee was made using coffee powder it was yum, i am waiting to try it out with espresso coffee.

Nutella Iced Coffee

They also have a few in-house gourmet ice creams like Red velvet, French vanilla, Pistachio black truffle and many more and that too eggless. Based on the reviews online and Pawan’s suggestion we tried our red velvet ice cream, which was creamier than most others that i have had. it was different  from the usual ice cream and literally melts in your mouth.

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Pawan apart from being an amazing host his passion creates an aura of energy around him. With Pawan we had a detailed discussion on coffee and cookies and it was very sweet of him to offer us a cup of espresso to try. (espresso of 8 g had perfect acidity and body)

I know you to too are shouting Oh Dough, watch out for this space as i will be doing interesting coffee and cookie pairing soon.

Oh DoughHind Rajasthan Chambers, opposite Burma Burma, 6 Allana Marg, Fort. Tel: 022 3312 6262. Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11.30am to 11.30pm; Monday, closed.

Featured picture Credits: mumbaikichokri  and Editing Credits: Samah Kazmi





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