Freak Shake: Mega Milkshake is now a trend

The culture which started in Australia, Melbourne at cafe Pâtissez ‘frekshakes’ have now become a sensation in town. Mason jars are now flooded with sweetness all over even our Instagram timeline.

With my recent visit to the event hosted by Visit Victoria along with Dibella India i was introduced to this magnificent sugar rush. Arnob from Ganance chocolate introduced the Melbourne Freakshake in India with an Australian cafe ‘Dibella’

With the complementary  voucher for freakshake i had visited the Vama outlet with my friend @foodiesofindia. With 3 options we tried out 2 of the freakshakes which tempted us 🙂


  1. Gold Coast Pretzel FreakShake
  2. The Melbourne FreakShake

While talking about the new culture which is growing rapidly in India with lot of cafe and bar creating their own freakshakes.  when the freakshakes arrived we actually dint want to deconstruct it. I am sure you would also do the same and start clicking pictures in all angles for your Instagram and Snapchat.

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Gold coast one was a caramel shake blended with caramel, a Twix bar, whipped cream and topped with pretzels and a waffle. Melbourne Chocolate one is served with chocolate pearls, chocolate sticks, Oreo’s, waffles and whipped cream.

I am sure by now you would have tried one. Share your favourite freakshake pictures with me here.


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