#MyCupOfCoffee meets Mumbai heroes

While travelling around in #Mumbai my cup of coffee meets some interesting people

Kairi Wala: This man sits outside a garden near charni road, nearby to my school and have seen him working for almost 2 decades and still the same energy.

#MyCupOfCoffee would like to salute his spirit


My Cup Of Coffee meets Mr Umesh Rane…. ‘Mochiwala Kaka’

Daily when I pass by to my work I see this man engrossed in his art and it surprises me that it keeps him happy all the time

It is only the art and passion that keeps your happy šŸ™‚

One of my favouriteĀ mumbai ‘Gola Wala’

Those days when we used to get a rupee or two from grandparents to spend on our favourite iced gola. I still remember that stall named ‘Anand’ next to our school.

A relationship had build up where our week was incomplete without having gola at his stall.

Today when I pass by I remember those days and cherish the memories.

Know about any such heroes, do share it with #MyCupOfCoffeeĀ 


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