More Over Coffee Collaboration with Deccan Coffee

It is only after having a freshly brewed coffee you realize that what you have been having till now is just…..

have been following Deccan Coffee on Instagram from quite a long time and it was pleasure to receive 3 of their freshly roasted ground from them

I tried all three of them using my french press at office and had a great time over coffee with office friends.


Do check out my review below.



Very refreshing and fruity acidity which is perfect for a post lunch or Sunday afternoon coffee. I tried it our using a French press and loved the perfect blend of floral aroma and citrus acidity.



Prefer starting my day with journey man. Low on acidity and slight tinge of spice to kick start and let the creativity flow at work.



I am yet to try out this coffee but it already smells great from the pack. I am sure this will be my weekend partner at home with my favorite book and my favorite music playlist.

Read more about the collaboration at 

About Deccan Coffee: 

Deccan Coffee is an online coffee store that delivers fresh coffee, every single day. We started 6 years back delivering fresh roasted arabica coffee to hotels in Bengaluru, Surat & Mysore. Our premium quality beans are sourced post meticulous tasting of coffees from over 350 farms across the world. We work towards sustainability, artisanship & delicious coffee.
As a coffee company, we believe that coffee is a culture, that good coffee stimulates communication and progress. With Deccan Coffee we seek to sustain this aspect.


Follow them on Instagram for fresh updates: 


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