A Memoir| My Cup Of Coffee | Chapter 1


I’m the much talked about coffee mug with a coffee aficionado, Rasesh Raja. As I sit here today nestled among his cotton t-shirts, I still remember how I first met him in India.

Why don’t you settle down on a someplace comfortable while I tell you my journey in life.

IMG_20170213_095942_446 (1).jpg

It was one the best months of the year, July, I was born in the most beautiful city of the world, Paris. With so much of love that i was engraved with the symbol of love and one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Eiffel Tower.

I was carefully packed and wrapped with my friends and travelled to the city from the countryside. Little did I know, my stop was near the CDG airport. I was stationed at a fixed position at the cute little shop around.

Days passed by and each day was  unique with interesting stories being captured around the airport. From couples coming down to Paris awaiting their date next to Eiffel Tower to families coming flocking with kids to enjoy Disneyland. It was so much fun to discuss all these moments with my friends around and talk about the happenings.


One day two of my friends had to say goodbye as they were the lucky ones picked by a woman who came down to Paris on a bachelorette trip and took one of them to as a gift  to her to be husband. I was feeling too low and that’s when I realized how difficult it is to say goodbye.

Days passed by and it was winter in Paris, I was shivering and still. Jumpers and jackets were all around in trend. There came two friends discussing about someone who stays in India and loves coffee a lot.

They were confused amongst me and my friends. I heard them saying a lot about this guy staying miles away who is passionate about coffee and finally they picked me up to gift him. I had to bid adieu my friends and I was so excited to meet the one who I will be meeting soon.

Packed in a nicely wrapped box, I took my place in the hand luggage with lot of care. I boarded the aircraft and was kept safely. Soon I reached Bombay at around 2am, the city that never sleeps. The one who got me here met his friend at the airport and they left and I was still in the bag waiting to meet the coffee lover. Soon on their way to hotel I was handed over with a surprise to Rasesh, yes, that coffee aficionado. Being tired and jetlagged i called it a night.

I know it’s time for you to now have a cup of coffee. Stay tuned to know more about my  journey in the next chapter.

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