#MyCupOfCoffee in Coonoor

Sometimes in life planning things impromptu is fun and that too when your parents are up for a change in the travel plan 🙂

As per our itinerary, we were supposed to visit Kodaikanal after Ooty but we thought of enjoying our time somewhere near by to Ooty and we planned to stay in Coonoor for two days.

#MyCupOfCoffee was too excited to explore this place which is neither a city nor a state but a Taluk and it is just one hour away from Ooty.

Everywhere you see greenery, with mesmerizing beauty and picturesqueness of soothing sightseeing.IMG_20170613_102311.jpgIMG_20170613_102311

We stayed at this boutique hotel named Orchid Square. All the sightseeing’s are very closeby to this hotel and the staff here is very courteous and they have very good food as well. They make your food basis your request as well. 

Review of this hotel: http://bit.ly/2vzSfYY

Generally visitors just come to Coonoor for sightseeing when they are in Ooty, but I would recommend you to stay here for a day or two to enjoy the place.

The road trip out here is something that you really need to experience. You pass through tea gardens, hills and the market. Besides, this the journey is quite an exotic one as you might get lost in the beauty of this place.


We visited Sim’s park, Dolphin nose, Lambs rock and train ride from Coonoor to Ootty

Founded hundred years ago, Sim’s park which is a park cum botanical garden has various species of plants around it its natural contours. Colourful flowers around are definitely great feasts to the eyes.


IMG_20170613_112443 IMG_20170613_143411

IMG_20170613_143349 IMG_20170613_143534

Spectacular spot few minutes from the park whose tip of the peak resembles a dolphin’s nose. Since we were here in June, the weather out here was pleasant and foggy. We couldn’t see Catherine fall from the peak but the view is breathtaking.


It was drizzling when we reached Lamb’s rock. Worth walking till the end to get the view of Coimbatore plains. We had groundnut bhel out there which was so yum and also the weather also called for it.

Next day we had the most beautiful experience of our trip and that was the toy train ride in Nilgiri mountains from Coonoor to Ooty and back. The one way ride is just 10 INR and it stops at 4 stations and takes around an hour to reach. One of the popular song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ was shot at this World Heritage site. My parents loved the ride and the view from the hills was beautiful and fascinating.

(Would suggest to sit on the right hand side in the train for the best view)

IMG_20170614_145541 IMG_20170614_143902



Apart from visiting these popular tourist places, I came across this ISSU book store which looks like a vintage library and the lady out there was very sweet. Also met this lady at Glendale estate tea factory where she made us try various teas and we bought masala, white, oolong tea etc.

IMG_20170613_121218 IMG_20170613_120813IMG_20170613_120725IMG_20170613_121211

Being a big Bollywood fan, I found out that one of my fav movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’ was shot here in Coonoor and I made a point to visit this homestay like hotel ‘180 Mc Iver’  which has the complete view of Coonoor. One of the best places to stay with your family.

It was after ages that I had been on a trip with my parents and spent some amazing time with them. #MyCupOfCoffee would like you to take some time out of your busy life and suggest you to take a break and take your parents out for a trip.

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Watch out this space as #MyCupOfCoffee is excited to share about his visit to Europe.


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